Registration Manual

The Registration Manual informs you about the application processes (including application and assessment process). The tool 'How to apply?' leads you through a series of questions to the relevant application type. Both manuals are only available in English.

Changes over September

The registration and evaluation of biocidal products and plant protection products is based on uniform principles. To take into account the developments originating from the ongoing process of European harmonisation and developments in science and technology,  the procedures for registration and the methodology for evaluation of products changes and improves continuously.

To make sure the changes are we documented, an updated version of the registration manual for biocidal products  is released once a month. The updates are planned at the beginning of each month. The former versions of the registration manuals are made available in the “archive” of manuals.

In this new release, several points are amended and / or added. In the overview presented on this page, you will find an explanation and a designation of the exact location in the manual for each amendment or addition.

1. Same biocidal products: Explanation about administrative changes available

ECHA has published an explanation about administrative changes in same biocidal product applications; it gives instructions about how administrative changes should be described and classified for same biocidal products in the light of the “Change Regulation”: Reg. (EU) no 354/2013.

Manual parts:

2. Use of disinfectants in irrigation systems (Scope issue)

Products for the use of disinfectants in irrigation systems in agriculture and horticulture are regarded as a biocidal products.

Manual parts:

3. General disinfection in veterinary practices or veterinary hospitals to product type 2 or 3 under the BPR? (scope issue)

Identical products applied for general disinfection of surfaces in the medical area (medical practices, hospitals) as well as of surfaces in veterinary practices or hospitals associated with examination and operation/treatment of the animals: PT2

general disinfection of surfaces associated with the housing and transportation of animals: PT3

Manual parts:

Biocidal product Regulation


Transitional legislation / national legislation