Same biocidal product

In case a company wants to bring a biocidal product to the market that is identical to an already authorised product, the procedure ‘Same Biocidal Product’ applies.

The same biocidal product must be identical to a reference product that is already authorised or for which an application for authorisation is on-going. Applying of a Same Biocidal Product is possible in case the reference product is authorised in the Netherlands, or in case it is in the process of being evaluated for national authorisation in the Netherlands according to the Biocidal Products Regulation 528/2012 (BPR). It is also possible by this procedure to apply for a biocidal product that is identical to an individual family member of a biocidal product family; or part of a biocidal product family for which an authorisation is pending. If the reference product is an authorisation of the Union or an application for such an authorisation is ongoing for the reference product then the application for same Biocidal Products is handled by ECHA. It is also possible to obtain a national authorization of a reference product if the product has a Union authorisation, or for which it is pending.