Minor and administrative changes under Transitional legislation

Under the Transitional legislation the minor and administrative modifications are classified as follows:

Administrative changes

  • Change of name authorised product (WNT)
  • Change of name, address and/or city (WNAW) (authorisation holder does not change)
  • Transfer of products to another company (changing authorisation holder) (OT)
  • Withdrawal of an authorisation (fees are not charged)(INTR)

Minor changes WGGA/WG including restricted field of use (WWGGA) Minor change WGGA/WG, risk review not necessary.

Minor changes

  • Minor change of composition (WSBNW)
  • Changing of production process product
  • Change of packaging (WYB)
  • Change of shelf life (WYB)
  • Change of labelling (WYB)