Limited assessment procedure

The limited assessment procedure is the standard procedure under transitional legislation for an application for a new authorisation, amendment or renewal of authorisations. Only if a limited assessment is not possible (this can be checked by completing application form C), the assessment must be done by a complete application for the full assessment procedure. The limited assessment procedure will required less time for the Ctgb to take a decision. Both appplications result in a regular national authorisation under the transitional legislation.

In the case of an application via a limited assessment, the applicant will indicate in application form C whether a comparison is possible with existing authorised biocides. If a comparison is possible, the assessment will be based on that comparison and a shorter turnaround time for the application can be realised. The assessment will result under the transitional legislation in a national authorisation. This is a self containing authorisation, so it does not depend on other authorisations.

To apply for a limited assessment procedure use application form C and the appendices below.