General instructions

Specific instructions or explanations are available for separate application forms

The Ctgb is legally obligated to comply with data protection regulations. In practical terms this means that if the application contains references to data owned by third parties, the applicant must demonstrate that they are entitled to access this data. This is arranged by means of a Letter of Access.

Paper dossiers not required

It is not necessary to send in addition to a digital file a hard copy of an application form. All that needs to be submitted on paper is a signed application form and, if applicable, a signed Letter of Access.

If you do not know which application form you should use, then contact our Service Desk.

Fees and charges for biocidal products

The application costs are specified in the Ctgb Tariffs Decree. The application will not be taken into consideration until the application form has been received and the application fee has been paid. When the application is not accepted for consideration or when it is no longer being considered or when it is rejected, the application fee will not be refunded.

The fees and charges for an application for authorisation of a biocidal product depend on the status of the active substances in Europe and the specific type of application. Applications under transitional legislation are subject to the Ctgb Tariffs Decree. For applications under the Regulation, fees and charges must often be paid to ECHA as well. Consequently, the fees and charges are subject to both the Ctgb Tariffs Decree and the Implementing Regulation of ECHA.

Small and medium-sized enterprises established in the European Union can benefit from reduced fees under Biocidal Products Regulation, depending on their size and provided that certain conditions are met. In order to do this, companies need to submit the documentary evidence proving their entitlement to such reduction in advance of the actual application. The conditions and the instructions on how to submit the documentation for the SME check are described in more detail on the ECHA website.

Union authorisations

Ctgb does not charge an annual fee for union authorisations biocidal product. In case The Netherlands act as eCA (evaluating Competent Authority) for a union authorization, the assessment fees will be charged (see chapter 7 of the tariff decree of Ctgb).

Payment method

Once your application has been received by the Ctgb, you will receive a confirmation letter with an invoice. You do not pay the fee until after you have received the confirmation letter with invoice. As a rule we only start processing your application once we know that the fee has been paid. Please include “Application [application type] [name of the product]” with the payment. Make the payment to Bank Account Number 397076053 (Rabobank), at the name of Ctgb in Ede, the Netherlands. IBAN: NL27 RABO 0397076053; SWIFT-address: RABO NL2U. You can also choose to wait until you get an invoice.