Country-specific elements

The Board established (June 22,  2016) the list of country-specific elements for biocidal products in the Netherlands. This will give applicants more insight into the Ctgb assessment policy for biocidal products.

The policy of the Ctgb focuses on harmonisation. In some cases, however, the Ctgb has deviated – with proper justification – from the international agreements and assessment methodologies. These deviations are often due to the fact that the Netherlands is one of the few countries in the EU which already had its own assessment system for biocidal products. For the country-specific elements, we distinguish three situations:

  1. Country-specific deviations: the Netherlands has deliberately chosen to deviate from the European model (based on Dutch law or based on Ctgb policy).
  2. Re-nationalisation elements: the European Member States have agreed that they can,  for the time being, formulate their own interpretation of these elements.
  3. Filling in gaps: the Netherlands sticks to its own methodologies in areas where there are, as yet, no harmonised arrangements and methodologies.

Country-specific deviations and re-nationalisation elements are explicitly defined in the NL specific part of the Evaluation Manual.