Grace period biocidal products

The grace period is intended to provide time for the sector to become accustomed to the absence of a particular product on the market. These periods give the authorisation holder time to inform other stakeholders so that the sector can look for alternative products, and so that any remaining stocks can be used.

Under specific conditions a grace period (delivery and run-down period) is granted for an authorisation that is not renewed, or that is amended or withdrawn. During the grace periode it is not permitted to produce or import new batches of the biocide. The risk of the product to humans, animals or the environment determines the length of the period the grace period. No grace period is granted if an unacceptably severe risk of the product to humans, animals or the environment is ascertained. The legal framework of the Biocidal Products Regulation (Regulation (EC) 528/2012) specifies a maximum duration for the grace period: 180 days for delivery and an additional 180 days for a run-down period.

When a product for which an authorisation was granted under the transitional law, has been reassessed under the conditions of the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) and is granted an authorisation under the BPR, the Ctgb can grant a grace period. In that case the grace period, as stated in Article 89, paragraph 4 of the BPR, is always 180 days for the delivery period and subsequently a maximum of 185 days for the use-up period.