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Contact information

Where at Ctgb can you ask questions?

Communication team

Media and NGO representatives can contact the Communications Department.

Service desk

Questions about plant protection products, biocides, Ctgb methods, authorisations, assessment frameworks, application procedures and the authorisations database can be sent to the service desk. You will always receive an acknowledgment within 5 working days. The Service desk can be contacted on all woking days; by telephone only between 9:00 AM and 12:00 AM CET/CEST: +31 (0)317 – 471 810.

Medicines, fertilisers

The Ctgb can answer questions about plant protection products and biocides, but not about other types of products such as medicines and fertilisers, nor can it answer questions about enforcement.

Pending applications

For questions about pending applications, contact the project leader assigned to your application. If you do not know who the project leader is, the reception desk can connect you with the correct person.

New applications

For new applications to authorise active substances and products, please contact the relevant account manager:

  • for plant protection products: Mr G.J. Molema
  • for biocidal products: Mrs C. van der Meer

Address information

Postal address

P.O. box 8030
Zip code: NL 6710 AA Ede T +31 317 - 471 810
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Visiting address

Bennekomseweg 41
Zip code: NL 6717 LL Ede

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Bank details

IBAN NL27RABO0397076053
Chamber of Commerce number: KvK 09212570