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List of minor uses version 3.0

Instruction PPP | 18-07-2019

Work instructions Fate & behaviour

Work instructions; mainly concering the NL Addendum.

Assessment framework PPP | 16-07-2019

Simplifying the national addendum for environmental aspects involving spray drift exposure for applications for mutual recognition and zonal authorisation where the Netherlands is a concerned Member State

When assessing an application for the authorisation of a plant protection product, the risks to non-target organisms in the ...

Assessment framework PPP | 16-07-2019

Reference list Extra data protection

Instruction PPP | 02-07-2019

Decision tree extra data protection Minor uses

Some examples have been provided for illustrative purposes below. Please note that additional data protection must be claimed and ...

Instruction PPP | 02-07-2019

Best practices for eCA agreement and pre-submission meetings related to applications for biocidal product families

Assessment framework Biocides | 27-06-2019

Chronologic overview asessement framework; registration manual Biocides

Assessment framework Biocides | 26-06-2019

Evaluation Manual v. 2019-3

Evaluation Manual version2019-3 is published in June 2019. The Evaluation Manual is a technical instructions and gives ...

Assessment framework PPP | 01-06-2019

National framework Evaluation Manual Biocidal Products

In addition to the European evaluation framework there is a National framework. Requirements related to national specific ...

Assessment framework Biocides | 01-06-2019

4. Human Toxicology

Assessment framework PPP | 01-06-2019