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  1. Key points for submission

    During the intake process for a product applications we use this priority list to assess whether each aspect of the application ...

    Instruction PPP | 12-05-2023

  2. Work instructions Fate & behaviour

    Work instructions; mainly concering the NL Addendum.

    Instruction PPP | 01-05-2023

  3. National addendum Environmental Fate

    Must be used from May 1, 2022.  

    Assessment framework PPP | 01-05-2023

  4. Procedure for archiving modelling results for dossier submissions

    We request applicants to submit according to this instruction as soon as possible. From October 2023 onwards we will request at ...

    Instruction PPP | 21-04-2023

  5. Annual Report 2022

    Annual report | 18-04-2023

  6. Evaluation Manual v. 2023-2

    Evaluation Manual version 2023-2 is published in February 15th, 2023. The Evaluation Manual is a technical instructions and gives ...

    Assessment framework PPP | 17-04-2023

  7. 8. Efficacy

    Assessment framework PPP | 17-04-2023

  8. Possiblities for extrapolation of efficacy and phytotoxicity of plant protection products for ornamental crops

    Assessment framework PPP | 17-04-2023

  9. EM Biopesticides Part 1 Microorganisms version 2.1

    Assessment framework PPP | 07-04-2023

  10. Appendix 1 to EM Biopesticides Part 1: Roadmap for SANCO/2020/12258

    The appendices to the EM Biopesticides address specific elements in the assessment of biopesticides to a level of detail that ...

    Assessment framework PPP | 07-04-2023