Registration Manual

The Registration Manual informs you about the registration proces (including application and assessment process). To find the applicable type of application, use  'How to apply?'

Changes over September

The registration and evaluation of plant protection products and biocidal products is based on uniform principles. To take into account the developments originating from the ongoing process of European harmonisation and developments in science and technology,  the procedures for registration and the methodology for evaluation of products changes and improves continuously.

To make sure the changes are wel documented, an updated version of the registration manual for biocidal products  is released once a month. The updates are planned at the beginning of each month. The former versions of the registration manuals are made available in the “archive” of manuals.

In this new release, several points are amended / added. In the overview presented on this page, you will find an explanation and a designation of the exact location in the manual for each amendment or addition.

Reference list with the draft Registration Reports

Instructions for the types and structure of reference lists that have to accompany the zonal applications is added. Links to the Guidances in place about ref. lists have been added.

Manual parts:

  • Zonal application NL=zRMS - Instructions for submission: information on reference lists for study reports has been added.

Endocrine disruptors: link to EU information site is added.

The EU-commission maintains a website on the process and developments of the endocrine disruptive properties assessment for active substances for plant protection. A link to this site has been added in the registration manual of the Ctgb

Manual parts:

  • Active substance approval – link to endocrine properties assessment has been added

Notification form for new applications for PPP (art.33) has been amended

The EU commission has decided to change the form for notification of a new application for an plant protection product. Low risk indication has been added. The form is no longer obligatory for renewal applications.
Manual parts:

  1. Template of notification form
  2. Product renewals – registration process
  3. Zonal application NL-zRMS – instructions for submission
  4. Application process: pre-application support

MRL Art. 12 review: additional information added about the review process

Extra information about EU review process for Maximum Residue Limits according to article 12 of Regulation (EC) No. 396/2005 has been taken up  in the Registration Manual.
Manual parts:

  • Application for setting Maximum Residue Limit – Registration process & Instruction for submission.

Application types

The registration manual guides you through the following application types:


Active Substance Approval