Exemption for trial purposes

For experiments and trails for research or development purposes with non-authorised plant protection products (art.54), it is possible to apply for exemption from the requirement that to use a plant protection product this product should be authorised. The permit for trial purposes is granted by Ctgb and allows you to conduct field experiments that involves a non-authorised use or the use of non-authorised product.

Permit for trial purposes meant for application in and near waterbodies

In case a permit for trial purposes is meant for an application in and near the water, a water permit must be applied for at the Dutch Water Authority where the trial takes place. This permit is required because article 6.2. Paragraph 1 of the Water Act stipulates that it is prohibited to bring a harmful substances into a surface water body without a permit. In addition, the monitoring plan that is necessary to monitor the effects of the application on aquatic organisms must be submitted to the Dutch Water Authority for assessment. It is important to monitor not only the effects on the organism to be controlled but also on the other aquatic organisms living in the water.