Application for mutual recognition

Mutual recognition is one of the key principles underpinning the single market.

Application for Mutual recognition

It enables a reduction of the workload for applicants and authorities and ensures the free movement of goods within the Community.

For mutual recognition in the context the zonal application, see: zonal application NL=zRMS.

Administrative extension of authorisations originating from a mutual recognition

Usually the expiration date of  an authorization by mutual recognition is set at the date of expiry of the active substance plus one year.
In some member states, however, post registration requirements are set for the original authorisation. The admission term in such cases can be shortened by the member state. The admission term in the Netherlands then will be shortened likewise.  
As soon as the requirements are met in the original member state and hence the authorisation is extended, the application holder can apply for a prolongation of the authorisation in the Netherlands as well. This concerns an administrative application only.