Monitoring, Compliance and Enforcement


Member States shall carry out official controls in order to enforce compliance with this Regulation. They shall finalise and transmit to the Commission a report on the scope and the results of these controls within six months of the end of the year to which the reports relate (art. 68 Monitoring and controls).

Compliance and Enforcement Policy

Several government agencies are involved in monitoring and enforcing the use of pesticides:

  1. The NVWA (Nederlandse Voedsel en Warenautoriteit) is the authority responsible for compliance checks and enforcement regarding trade and distribution as well as agricultural use of plant protection products. The NVWA conducts its compliance and enforcement activities as inspection agency on food safety, animal welfare, the environment and trade.
    Activities to ensure compliance are directed to:
    - labelling requirements
    - legal use
    - pesticide residues in food, vegetables and fruit.
    - recognition of research institutions (and companies) regarding GEP (Good Experimental Practice) and TNG (Application of non-authorised PPPs for research purposes).
    - storage of pesticide products
  2. Water boards monitor the use of pesticides in agriculture and horticulture. An integral part of the task of water boards is to manage and maintain sufficient quality of surface water for among others source for drinking water. Dutch water boards have a well-established program for monitoring pesticide contamination of surface waters. These results link the use of plant protection products to pesticides concentrations in surface water.
  3. The Inspectorate SZW works for healthy and safe working conditions and looks after the use of PPP’s in companies and the risks for people that work with pesticides.
  4. State Supervision of Mines (Staatstoezicht op de Mijnen) looks after use of biocidal products in oil, gas and salt extraction.

Report suspected non-compliance

If non-compliance is suspected, this has to be reported (only in Dutch) to resoponsible compent authority the NVWA: the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority