Transitional legislation re-registrations under the Regulation

Applications for re-registration of plant protection products for which
a. the active substance has been included in Directive 91/414/EEC, or
b. for which the active substance has been approved according to the first clause of Article 80  will be assessed according to the Dutch law in force under 91/414/EEC.

This also means that the core assessment procedure (as described in Articles 33 to 39 of the Regulation) does not apply. Therefore, applications for re-registration, if they meet the above requirements, will in principle be processed 'nationally'

Re-registration applications under transitional legislation

Can a new product be authorised in the Netherlands based on a voluntary zonal application for re-registration?

If a product is being re-registered in another Member State, it is not possible to simultaneously authorise this product in the Netherlands (NL = CMS) for the first time. Under the provisions of transitional legislation, the Regulation does not permit an initial authorisation to be granted based on a voluntary zonal application for which the Netherlands is a ‘concerned member state’ (CMS). For this purpose, you must submit either a zonal application for authorisation of a new product, or an application for mutual recognition of the authorisation in another Member State.

Which application form should I use for re-registration applications?

For your application for re-registration of a plant protection product, you must use Form G Transitional legislation. The application forms are shown in the overview application forms.

Prevent an 'authorisation-less' period

Sometimes the application for re-registration cannot be finalised in time. As a result the authorisation expires and the re-registration can be granted after the date of expiry for the product authorisation. To prevent this authorisation-less period, it is possible to renew the authorisation on a procedural basis, by suspending the expiry date. Read more about procedural renewal.