Intake phase

The intake phase  serves as a filter to ensure that high-quality dossiers are produced that pass smoothly through the application assessment process while also providing you with the opportunity to correct any mistakes.

Once the intake phase has been completed the Ctgb will have determined:

  • whether the dossier is of sufficient quality and contains all the elements required to be able to assess the application;
  • which rules and regulations the assessment of the application will be based on;
  • an estimate of the lead and processing time;
  • the application fee (if applicable).

The Ctgb provides two tools for producing high-quality dossiers. These can be used to improve the quality of the dossier and therefore to increase the chance of a successful application. You may apply to the Ctgb for a request for meeting (RFM) if you wish to obtain answers to questions that arise when preparing your dossier. A pre-submission meeting (PSM) can be requested to address remaining questions or to receive an estimate of the quality of your dossier as it nears completion.

The intake phase begins as soon as you have submitted your dossier and paid the application fee (or, where applicable, an advance; please refer to the Ctgb Tariffs Decree). Please note that, as the applicant, you are responsible for your dossier. It is therefore important to follow the instructions on the application form carefully, and we recommend that you take into account any advice provided during a PSM or RFM. Biocides applications under the Regulation must be made through R4BP, while applications for biocides under transitional legislation and plant protection products and substances should be submitted online to the Ctgb. Our aim is to complete the intake process within ten weeks.