Service Desk

The Ctgb Service Desk answers questions of businesses, users, user organisations and private citizens about the authorisation of plant protection products and biocidal products, the instructions for their use and the active substances in such products.

What types of questions can be answered by the Ctgb Service Desk?

General questions

The Service Desk answers questions on:

  • questions about (the use of) authorised products
  • How to use the authorisations database
  • Ctgb’s practice

Application support

The Service Desk answers questions on:

  • how to submit an application for a new authorisation or an expansion of an existing authorisation
  • dossier requirements,
  • assessment framework
  • costs

The Service Desk does not conduct assessments of the dossier (or a part thereof) or make statements about its completeness. The answer to a Service Desk question is compiled with the greatest care based on the data you provide and on our knowledge and experience. The answer reflects the opinion of the Ctgb. The information and recommendations provided by the Service Desk are intended to support you, but are not legally binding.

If you have sent an item to Ctgb by post and you wish to know whether we have received it please contact us via mail. If you need a link to submit a dossier digitally please contact us via mail.

How to contact the Service Desk

Please submit your question using the Questionnaire form. For an answer to short questions the Service Desk can be contacted on all working days; by telephone only between 9.00 AM and 12:00 AM CET/CEST: +31 (0)317 – 471 810.


For organizations, there may be a charge for the answering of questions. Please find information on our fees in the Tariff decree.