Pre Application Support

If you have any questions about the procedures, admission requirements, or other matters concerning your application file, please contact the Service Desk. Please use the contact form below.

If you have a large number or specialist questions, you can request a consultation with our experts. The consultation option is referred to as a pre-submission meeting. More information can be found on the page Pre Submission Meeting.

The Ctgb also periodically offers workshops with a specific theme. Following these workshops, we offer the possibility to organise a short separate meeting to discuss matters regarding your file in a more confidential setting. Please inquire about the possibilities when registering for a workshop. More information can be found on the page workshop.

Service desk contact form

The Service Desk supports applicants with questions about e.g. the proper type of application, the dossier requirements or the expected costs. The Service Desk can inform how dossiers are being assessed by the Ctgb. The Service Desk will not answer questions that include an assessment of a dossier or the completeness of a dossier. Requests to the Service Desk that have to be answered by scientific, procedural, legal or policy experts will be charged.

If the answering of your question requires more than 5 hours you will receive an offer in advance. When you have received an offer it is possible to recall your question. Questions which require no more than 5 hours will be taken care of without prior offer. See also the bottom of page Tarrifs for tariffs Service desk request. The page Frequently Asked Questions may help to answer general question. Please use our form Questionnaire servicedesk.

For an answer to short questions the Service Desk can be contacted on all working days; by telephone only between 9.00 AM and 12:00 AM CET/CEST: +31 (0)317 – 471 810.