Pre Submission Meeting

During the preparation of your application dossier, you can request a meeting with our experts to discuss more extensive questions about the application dossier or the application procedure. The consultation option is referred to as a pre-submission meeting (PSM). A PSM can be requested for zonal applications for which the Netherlands is zRMS, and for applications for active substances for which the Netherlands is RMS.

Please note  that the Ctgb does not evaluate dossiers or parts of dossiers in the pre-application phase.

Request Pre-submission meeting (PSM)

You can request a pre-submission meeting using the registration form below. A PSM needs to be requested at least 6 weeks before the preferred date. After registration the Servicedesk will provide you detailed information on planning and the required information. All necessary information should be received by the Ctgb no later than 3 weeks before the meeting. Please note that the following information will be requested:

  • An agenda with time indication per agenda item
  • the questions you want to ask in the meeting (per expertise),
  • specific aspects of the dossier that you want to discuss (e.g. specific studies or parts of risk assessments). Send us a description of these specific or general topics.


The cost of the meeting will be calculated by subsequent costing, in accordance with the Ctgb Tariffs Decree. An advance payment of € 1,150,- per expertise is requested. For more information about the conditions, please see the Tariffs decree []. In the event of early cancellation, the costs already incurred will be charged. The registration form below is for a pre-submission meeting (PSM) for a plant protection product or active substances for use in plant protection products.