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What does professional or non-professional use mean for the authorisation of a biocide or plant protection product?

In Article 71 (see below) the Plant Protection Products and Biocidal Products Act states that products authorised for...

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Am I permitted to use a lower dose than prescribed?

This is only permitted for plant protection products; biocidal product must be used prescribed dosage.

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What happens during a pre-submission meeting?

During a Pre Submission Meeting the applicant receives procedural and substantive advice about the dossier that is to be...

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What is a pre-submission meeting (PSM)?

A Pre Submission Meeting (PSM) is a consultation with a project leader and a number of experts that the Ctgb can organise at...

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Is it possible to apply for the autorisation of a generic plant protection product in the Netherlands?

Is it possible to apply for the authorization of a generic plant protection product based op article 34 of regulation 1107/2009...

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When is a product defined as a plant protection product?

The European Regulation on plant protection products 1107/2009 uses the following definition: 'products, in the form that they...

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With a zonal application, will I automatically receive an authorisation for multiple EU Member States?

No, but with a zonal application, authorisation in multiple Member States within the zone can be requested simultaneously....

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When is a product on the market illegally or when is the use of a product illegal?

Three situations can be distinguished in which a product is on the market illegally or the use of a product is illegal: A...

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How can I obtain an authorisation for a plant protection product in another EU Member State?

There are two possibilities: With a zonal application in the Netherlands (the Netherlands is ZRMS, zonal rapporteur Member...

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Can the Ctgb also reject an authorisation that is received through a mutual recognition procedure?

Yes, rejection is possible based on Articles 36.3, 41.1, and 44 of 1107/2009/EC and Articles 11 and 12 of Directive 2009/128/EC.

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