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Form WERGV: prolongation mutual recognition

For an administrative prolongation of a mutual recognition of a authorisation for plant protection products (or products based...

Application form PPP | 12-12-2017

How can I see whether a biocidal product is authorised?

Biocidal products with a statutory authorisation have an N-number with 4 or 5 digits (such as 23456 N) or an NL-number with 11...

Frequently asked questions

How does the Ctgb define data in the public domain?

'Data from the public domain' is defined as all public data from reliable databases.

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How does the Ctgb deal with data protection?

The Ctgb is statutorily obligated to respect the rules for data protection. Confidential and restricted data sources are...

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Can CA reports in the public domain be used without proof of ownership

Every notifier / applicant is obligated to submit a dossier that contains all information necessary for making a risk...

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Can data in the public domain be used?

Yes, if the data are from reliable databases with public information, such as REACH.

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What is the importance of a Letter of Access (LoA) when submitting data?

A Letter of Access (LoA) can be used to demonstrate that the applicant can refer to the restricted dossier of a third-party....

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What does the Ctgb consider to be a reliable endpoint?

These are endpoints from reliable databases with public information (such as REACH), or from other assessment frameworks in...

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When is an exemption granted for a product (plant protection product or biocidal product)?

An exemption from the articles in the Wgb (Plant Protection Products and Biocidal Products Act) which state that a product can...

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When is a certificate of professional competence required?

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