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What is the risk of placing disinfectants on the market that are not authorised and that are not covered by an exemption?

The main risk is that the products are not sufficiently effective or are unsafe for the user. There is a risk that someone will ...

Frequently asked questions

Is it advisable to submit an individual exemption request as a company?

In the current situation, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management prefers to grant generic exemptions. That is also ...

Frequently asked questions

I work in a sector other than healthcare; which products am I permitted to use?

You are permitted to use the regular authorised products. You can find the regular authorised products in the authorisations ...

Frequently asked questions

I manufacture a disinfectant according to the exemptions, but I am not on the Article 95 list. Should I purchase my active substance(s) from a supplier that is on this list?

This is preferable, but if that is not possible, you may also involve another supplier. For disinfectants that fall under the ...

Frequently asked questions

What quality should the ingredients of the exempt formulations have?

The quality of the ingredients is specified in the relevant exemptions and in the documents and authorisations referred to in the ...

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As a supplier of disinfectants, can I also potable alcohol, and do I have to pay excise tax?

You can use potable alcohol if it is sufficiently pure. To qualify for an exemption from excise tax, you must contact the ...

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What products have now been authorised under the exemptions?

Exemptions have been granted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management for the marketing and use of disinfectants ...

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Parallel trade permit PPP

Application form parallel trade permit to be used for: a parallel trade permit renewal of a parallel trade permit expanding the ...

Application form PPP | 09-03-2020

Form Amendment of label instructions Dutch specific aspects of plant protection products

Form Amendment of label instructions Dutch specific aspects of plant protection products.

Application form PPP | 09-03-2020

Zonal application The Netherlands zRMS

Application for authorisation or amendment of an authorisation of a plant protection product, including micro-organisms, for ...

Application form PPP | 09-03-2020