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  1. 5. Residues risk to consumers EU part em2.6

    Assessment framework PPP | 30-06-2023

  2. Key points for submission

    During the intake process for a product applications we use this priority list to assess whether each aspect of the application ...

    Instruction PPP | 12-05-2023

  3. National addendum Environmental Fate

    Must be used from May 1, 2022.  

    Assessment framework PPP | 01-05-2023

  4. Annual Report 2022

    Annual report | 18-04-2023

  5. 8. Efficacy

    Assessment framework PPP | 17-04-2023

  6. Possiblities for extrapolation of efficacy and phytotoxicity of plant protection products for ornamental crops

    Assessment framework PPP | 17-04-2023

  7. Appendix 1 to EM Biopesticides Part 1: Roadmap for SANCO/2020/12258

    The appendices to the EM Biopesticides address specific elements in the assessment of biopesticides to a level of detail that ...

    Assessment framework PPP | 07-04-2023

  8. EM Biopesticides Part 1 Microorganisms version 2.1

    Version 2.1 is extended with Appendix 1: Roadmap for SANCO 2020/12258 ( evaluation of secondary metabolites).

    Assessment framework PPP | 07-04-2023

  9. Evaluation Manual Biopesticides version 2023-1

    There are separate European guidelines for microogranisms, plant extracts and semiochemicals. Microorganisms (including viruses) ...

    Assessment framework PPP | 07-04-2023

  10. Work instruction Calculation of the 90th percentile

    Instruction PPP | 14-03-2023