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Where do I find the list of approved suppliers? (BPR article 95 list)

The list is published on the website of ECHA.

Frequently asked questions

What is a biocidal product?

A biocidal product is a product with an active substance that is intended to destroy, deter, render harmless, prevent the...

Frequently asked questions

Where can I go with my questions about treated articles?

The Ctgb no longer has a role in answering questions about treated articles. Questions about treated articles must be submitted...

Frequently asked questions

Is my disinfectant product a biocidal product or a veterinary/medicinal product?

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What is the CTGB VAT-number?

The Ctgb does not have a VAT-number.

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Will the fees and charges for applications be harmonised at the European level?

At this time, harmonisation of fees and charges is not possible.

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When is a delivery and run-down period (grace period) granted?

If changes with respect to a previous authorisation occur, for example if a scope of permitted use lapses, the formulation is...

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What does the term 'expiration date' mean in the authorisation decision?

A product is authorised for a limited period. This period expires on the final date referred to in the decision: the expiration...

Frequently asked questions

Has the Definition list scope of permitted use (DTG list) been harmonised at the European level?

No, the DTG list (definition list, scope of permitted use) applies only to the Netherlands.

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Is there a difference between professional and private use of a biocidal product?

In the application for authorisation of a biocidal product, as well as in the legal instructions for use (WG/GA), a distinction...

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