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8. Efficacy NL part em2.5

Assessment framework PPP | 05-07-2021

Transitional legislation framework

Product authorisation under transitional legislation The BPR 528/2012 provides a number of transitional measures that allow a ...

Assessment framework Biocides | 05-07-2021

Evaluation Manual version 2021-2

 Juli 2021 - now Product authorisation under the BPR The Ctgb regularly publishes Evaluation Manuals, which are technical work ...

Assessment framework Biocides | 05-07-2021

European framework

Index: Introduction EU framework Physical-Chemical-Properties Efficacy Human Health Environment In addition to the European ...

Assessment framework Biocides | 05-07-2021

Evaluation Manual Biopesticides v1.2

Especially for biopesticides like f.e. botanicals and semiochemicals Ctgb developed an Evaluation Manual. This manual describes ...

Assessment framework PPP | 05-07-2021

Form for minor and administrative changes (including withdrawals)

Application form for minor and administrative changes (including withdrawals) of authorisations of plant protection products.

Application form PPP | 18-06-2021

8. Appendices Definitions of terminology v 3.0 in English

Assessment framework PPP | 15-06-2021

Pre-submission meeting for national- and Union authorisation applications

Instruction Biocides | 09-06-2021

Key points for submission

During the intake process for a product applications we use this priority list to assess whether each aspect of the application ...

Instruction PPP | 31-05-2021

Annual Report 2020

Annual report | 26-05-2021