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Evaluation Manual v. 2021-1

Evaluation Manual version 2021-1 is published on January 1, 2021. The Evaluation Manual is a technical instructions and gives ...

Assessment framework PPP | 01-01-2021

Tariffs Decree 2021

Or see Tariffs Decree in the Government Gazette (in Dutch only).

Decree | 15-12-2020

E-zine December 2020

We are not blind to the developments around us. We are getting closer to reality. E-zine December 2020

Newsletter | 15-12-2020

List of minor uses version 4.0

To be used from January 1, 2021. Former version till November 1, 2019 ,version 2.1 of the List of Minor Uses had to be used from ...

Instruction PPP | 08-12-2020

Notification import biocide

Applicants may obtain a parallel trade permit in the Netherlands for a biocide authorised in another Member State, if the ...

Application form Biocides | 18-11-2020

Zonal application The Netherlands CMS

Application for authorisation or amendment of an authorisation of a plant protection product, including micro-organisms, for ...

Application form PPP | 16-11-2020

Form W; minor amendments and withdrawals

Application for an amendment or withdrawal of an authorisation for a biocidal product. You cannot use form W for changing or ...

Application form Biocides | 12-11-2020

Form for minor and administrative changes (including withdrawals)

Application form for minor and administrative changes (including withdrawals) of authorisations of plant protection products.

Application form PPP | 12-11-2020

Work instructions Fate & behaviour

Work instructions; mainly concering the NL Addendum.

Assessment framework PPP | 01-10-2020

National addendum Environmental Fate

Can be used from now on, must be used from January 1, 2021.

Assessment framework PPP | 01-10-2020