Fees and charges

Just as citizens of a municipality pay certain permit fees, the fee for processing applications by the Ctgb must be paid by the applicants. This is done on the basis of cost; the Ctgb is a not-for-profit organisation.

As an independent authority, the Ctgb must ensure that its operations are cost effective. The tariffs charged for processing applications for authorisations of biocidal products and plant protection products must cover the costs incurred. The costs for other activities, including policy advice, are charged to the government ministries responsible for these specific areas of policy. The Ctgb is accountable to the government ministers responsible for this policy. Each year the Ctgb Tariffs Decree is published in the ‘Staatscourant’ (the Dutch Government Gazette) and subsequently on the Ctgb website.

As a rate controlled independent authority, the Ctgb must ensure that its operations are cost-effective.

The fees and charges are redetermined each year and are published in the Tariffs Decree.

The fees for different types of applications for authorisation differ greatly and depend on the amount of time required to assess the application. In addition, the authorisation holders pay an annual fee for registration.

Fees and charges for biocidal products

The fees and charges for an application for authorisation of a biocidal product depend on the status of the active substances in Europe and the specific type of application. Applications under transitional legislation are subject to the Ctgb Tariffs Decree. For applications under the Regulation, fees and charges must often be paid to ECHA as well. Consequently, the fees and charges are subject to both the Ctgb Tariffs Decree and the Implementing Regulation of ECHA.

Small and medium-sized enterprises established in the European Union can benefit from reduced fees under Biocidal Products Regulation, depending on their size and provided that certain conditions are met. In order to do this, companies need to submit the documentary evidence proving their entitlement to such reduction in advance of the actual application. The conditions and the instructions on how to submit the documentation for the SME check are described in more detail on the ECHA website.

Union authorisations

Ctgb does not charge an annual fee for union authorisations biocidal product. In case The Netherlands act as eCA (evaluating Competent Authority) for a union authorization, the assessment fees will be charged (see chapter 7 of the tariff decree of Ctgb).

Fee for evaluating a plant protection product application

The fee payable to the Ctgb is calculated based on specified items and tariffs. In general, the fee depends on the type of application and includes an advance payment and subsequent costing of the actual costs incurred. If the actual costs incurred are less than the advance payment, the difference is refunded.
Actual costs incurred are the internal costs incurred by the Ctgb (the established hourly rate, multiplied by the number of hours spent by the Ctgb) and the actual costs of third parties hired by the Ctgb as part of processing the application (including the VAT paid to such third parties).

Fee for evaluating the active substances in plant protection products

If you are applying for a new or renewed approval of an active substance in accordance with the Plant Protection Products Regulation, and the Ctgb is the designated evaluating authority within the EU, you must pay a fee in order allow the Ctgb to perform the EU assessment and process your application.

Annual fee for plant protection products and biocides

Every holder of an authorisation of a plant protection product or a biocide has to pay an annual fee during the period of authorisation. An annual fee also has to be paid if for a ‘derived’ authorisation or a parallel trade permit for a plant protection product. The annual fee shall be paid as of the calendar year following the year when the product was authorised and no later than the end of the calendar year during which the authorisation applies.

The annual fee for biocidal Union authorisations has to be fullfilled to the ECHA. This is laid down in the Commission implementing regulation (EU) no. 564/2013 (13 June 2013).

Service desk

Service desks requests which have to be answered by scientific, procedural, legal or policy experts will be charged. If the answering of your question requires more than 5 hours you will receive an offer in advance.  When you have received an offer it is possible to recall your question. Questions which require no more than 5 hours will be taken care of without prior offer. In addition, fees are charged for policy consultations, which are invoiced to the ministries that are involved with the specific policies.

Direct debit payment of invoices

Once your application has been received by the Ctgb, you will receive a confirmation letter with an invoice. You do not pay the fee until after you have received the confirmation letter with invoice. As a rule we only start processing your application once we know that the fee has been paid.

The Ctgb encourages applicants to arrange direct debit payment of your Ctgb invoices. This payment uses the European successor to the national direct debit system: Euro direct debit (Euro-incasso).

By arranging direct debit payment of your invoices, you no longer have to worry about timely payment, and we reduce your administrative burden. You still maintain control of your own bank account, and you can cancel direct debits beforehand or reverse the payment afterwards.

If you would like to pay your Ctgb invoices using European direct debit (Euro-incasso), please contact the Finance & Control department. We will then go through the procedural steps with you and prepare the necessary contracts.