Procedure zonal application

Regulation 1107/2009 introduced a zonal system, encouraging cooperation and worksharing between Member States. The regulation defines 3 zones based on the comparability of the agricultural, phytosanitary and ecological (including climatological) conditions: North, Central and South. The Netherlands is in the Central zone. For climate independent uses (e.g. indoor uses, seed treatment) the zonal partition is not used. For these uses all member states cooperate (“interzonal assessment”). One Member State shall act as zonal rapporteur (zRMS); this Member State assesses the application on behalf of all Member States for which the application is intended (the concerned Member States or cMS).

When preparing the application, you should contact the zonal reporting member state (ZRMS) which you want to process the application. For the Netherlands, you should contact Mr Geert-Jan Molema, preferably at least six months before you intend to submit the application.

If required, the Central Zone Steering Committee (CZSC) will coordinate the distribution of the work amongst the Member States. Six months before submitting the application, the applicant can propose a Member State as zonal rapporteur to the CZSC. When agreement has been reached with the ZRMS, the completed notification form must be submitted to the ZRMS and all cMS.

Do you want to discuss your dossier and/or related problem areas and obtain advice regarding procedures as well as substantive matters? Then you should request a Pre Submission Meeting. This meeting is intended for potential applicants who have previously notified the chosen competent authority about the submission term of the dossier and need advice about organising the dossier.

'How to apply?' leads you through a series of questions to the relevant application type.

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Tiijdlijn zonale aanvraag zRMS

The Netherlands as rapporteur (ZRMS)

If the Netherlands is the rapporteur, the Ctgb will invite the applicant to attend a Pre Submission Meeting before the application is submitted. During this meeting, the content of the application is discussed and inventoried with the applicant.

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The Netherlands as cMS

The Regulation 1107/2009 has now been in force for some time, and from 2013, the number of requests handled by the CMS Ctgb increased substantially. Practice shows that there are a number of issues surrounding the CMS process is not completely clear.

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