Registration process

In the Netherlands permits for trial purposes are assessed and granted by Ctgb. The Ctgb aims to complete your application assessment within 8 weeks after submission. However, we recommend that you plan your trials with an additional time margin.

If the application is not complete when it is submitted, you risk not obtaining the permit on time. If data are missing from the application, you will only have one opportunity to correct this omission, and if you do not use this opportunity, your application will not be taken into consideration.

The application fee must be paid simultaneously with the submission of the application. The application costs are specified in the Ctgb Tariffs Decree. The application will not be taken into consideration until the application form has been received and the application fee has been paid. When the application is not accepted for consideration or when it is no longer being considered or when it is rejected, the application fee will not be refunded.

You will receive a response from us by regular mail. This will be a boards decision on your application. The trial cannot start before the date on the decision and until the we have been informed by you about the trial locations (including cadastral number).