Instruction for submission

The application for the permit for trial purposes to perform experiments with none-authorised plant protection products must be submitted in the Member State where the experiment or trial will be conducted. I.e. For experiments in the Netherlands, at Ctgb.

Note: When data are missing in the application, you will only have one opportunity to correct this omission. When it is still found to be incomplete afterwards, your application will not be taken into consideration.

The application must be complete and contain sufficient information to facilitate the assessment of any effects on the human and animal health or the environment. If you want to demonstrate that the product has no unacceptable effects for i.e. public health, then provide clear references.

Mandatory to the application of permit for trial purposes is the notification of time of harvest.

Report the desired starting date of the trial on the application form. When dealing with the applications, we will take this date into account.

Details about how to submit an application can be found in “Directions for submission”.

Below the most important forms with the handling period and other important information:

Form Handling period*

Form PG
IMPORTANT: We accept only WORD files

8 weeks** 
Mandatory notfication time of harvest Not applicable;
this is only a notification

* No rights can be derived from these handling periods.
**The Ctgb aims to complete your application assessment within 8 weeks. However, we recommend that you plan your trials with an additional time margin.