Pre Application Support

Service desk

The service desk answers questions from the general public and (future) applicants about the authorisation of plant protection products and biocidal products, the instructions for their use and the active substances in such products.

For applicants:

The service desk can inform you about the procedures and guidances used by the Ctgb to assess dossiers, so you can prepare your dossier correctly.

The service desk does not provide answers to questions requiring a judgement as to the results of the actual assessment of the dossier, nor of its completeness.

The servicedesk provides these pre-application services to applicants and their representatives. However please note that for pre-application support for plant protection product dossiers as well as for biocides dossiers which fall under the Biocidal Product Regulation and for active substances dossiers an agreement with Ctgb to be the evaluating member state is a prerequisite. Such an agreement can be requested via the account manager for plant protection or account manager for biocides respectively.  There is no requirement for an evaluating member state agreement for pre-application support for those biocidal product dossiers which fall under transitional law.

Contact us

The Servicedesk can be contacted through the online questionnaire form. For submitting your new questions preferrably use this option.

If you wish to send an attachment with your question , please email us at .

To request a pre-submission meeting please use one of the pre-submission meeting forms:

PSM plant protection

PSM biocides

Alternatively  the Servicedesk can be contacted  by phone on weekdays from 9.00 until 12.00 CET/CEST. 

Deviations from usual opening times

The Servicedesk is unavailable on the following days:

April 1st 2024 (Second day of Easter)

May 3rd 2024

May 9th 2024 (Ascension day)

May 20th 2024 (Second day of Whit Monday)

December 25th and 26th (Christmas)

Account manager contact information: