How can I obtain an authorisation for a plant protection product in another EU Member State?

There are two possibilities:

  1. With a zonal application in the Netherlands (the Netherlands is ZRMS, zonal rapporteur Member State), an authorisation can be requested simultaneously in multiple Member States within the central zone. Following authorisation by the Netherlands, the concerned Member States (cMS or non-ZRMS, nZRMS) can conduct a supplementary assessment for the national addendum before issuing an authorisation.
  2. By mutual recognition:
    After a zonal authorisation is issued by the ZRMS (the Netherlands is nZRMS), a mutual recognition of this authorisation can be requested in a different Member State, therefore in the Netherlands as well. The procedure for requesting mutual recognition of an authorisation is largely the same as the procedure under 1. (the Netherlands is cMS). The data that the Ctgb requires are also the same.