Sustainability Desk plant protection products

The Ctgb prioritises the assessment of applications for products that contribute to the enhanced sustainability of the plant protection products that are on the market in the Netherlands.

The following types of applications can be prioritised: zonal authorisation, mutual recognition, amending an authorisation and extending an authorisation with minor uses. This will ensure that Dutch growers have access to a wider range of products that meet the criteria for sustainability. The Ctgb determines whether an application can be prioritised. To do so, it uses the following criteria:

  1. It concerns an application for a plant protection product with at least one new authorisation in the Netherlands; 


  1. All active substances in the plant protection product in question belong to at least one of the following categories:
    1. low-risk substances (or expected low-risk classification);
    2. live micro-organisms (including viruses);
    3. non-chemical substances with non-toxic or selective-toxic effects, such as:
      • all semiochemicals (including pheromones);
      • plant extracts with non-toxic or selective-toxic effects; nature-identical compounds (dsRNA, antibodies, peptides) with selective-toxic effects.

The Ctgb has prepared a 'enhanced sustainability list' of approved active substances that meet the criteria under point 2. This list is updated monthly.

Applications submitted through the Sustainability Desk are subject to the same requirements as described previously for the relevant type of application.