Ctgb participates in European training programme for micro-organism assessment

The Ctgb, together with the French consultant organisations AETS and AINIA, is going to provide training for all European competent authorities in risk assessment of micro-organisms. AETS and AINIA, together with the Ctgb, responded to a call for a tender from the EU (Better Training Safer Food), and were awarded the contract.

The Ctgb is one of the larger competent authorities in Europe. With its GreenTeam, the Ctgb has specialised in the assessment of ‘green’ products and micro-organisms and is closely involved with the European Biopesticides Working Group. These aspects were taken into account in the jury's decision to award the contract to AETS and AINIA.

The training programme is intended to enhance the level of knowledge about micro-organisms in the EU Member States. The Ctgb sees this as a unique opportunity to disseminate its expertise. The training programme will also contribute to a harmonised approach to the assessment of micro-organisms and the development of the corresponding guidances. All EU Member States can participate in the training programme. It is provided by a coordinator and four tutors, including two experts from the Ctgb.