Evaluation Manual Biopesticides

There are separate European guidelines for microorganisms, plant extracts and semiochemicals. Microorganisms (including viruses) have specific data requirements. The Evaluation manual Biopesticides is supplementary to existing guidelines.

Evaluation Manual Biopesticides - version 2023-2: latest version

Version 2023- 2, published October 2023

The Evaluation Manual Biopesticides contains three parts:

  1. Part 1 Microorganisms vesion 2.2, October 2023
  2. Part 2 Botanicals version 2.0, December 2022
  3. Part 3 Semiochemicals version 2.0, December 2022

The Evaluation Manual Biopesticides describes in detail the data requirements and risk assessment for biopesticides. Especially for botanicals and semiochemicals (like pheromones) this manual should be read in conjunction with the EU legislation, the Evaluation Manual EU part and national elements, which is dealing with the conventional (chemical) plant protection products, i.e. part A of the data requirements.

Previous version(s) of the Evaluation Manual Biopesticides

  • Version 2023-1 published in April and valid till September 2023
  • Version 2.0 published in December 2022 and valid till April 2023
  • Version 1.4 published in July 2022 and valid till December 2022
  • Version 1.3 published in December 2021 and valid till July 2022
  • Version 1.2, published in July 2021 and valid till December 2021
  • Version 1.1, published in July 2018 and valid till July 2021
  • Version 1.0, published in July 2017 and valid till July 2018