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  1. Template to notify intended zonal applications

    Template to notify intended zonal applications under Article 33 and Article 43 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009

    Application form PPP | 26-09-2018

  2. Letter of access (LoA)

    A Letter of Access (LoA) is an original document by which the owner of data protected under this Regulation agrees to the use of ...

    Application form PPP | 07-03-2017

  3. Notification form Time of harvest (in Dutch)

    Mandatory to the application of permit for trial purposes is the notification of time of harvest. The holder of the trails with ...

    Application form PPP | 28-02-2017

  4. Application Comparative Assessment

    Applicant information to support the process of comparative assessment. To reduce risks products containing substances that are ...

    Application form PPP | 08-04-2016