Special Evaluation Manual for bio pesticides

Ctgb developed a special Evaluation Manual for biopesticides. This can help applicants to compile a good dossier. Higher quality dossiers are easier to assess by Ctgb.

The Evaluation Manual Biopesticides describes how Ctgb interprets and applies the guidances and data requirements in the risk assessment of active substances and products for microorganism, plant extracts and semiochemicals. The new manual is a tool for our own assessors which will help to assessconsistently biopesticides and on the other hand it will give applicants clarity about what is expected of them. The manual is supplementary to existing guidances.

Especially for plant extracts and semiochemicals, the manual is strongly in line with European regulations for the assessment of chemical plant protection products. There are separate European guidances for plant extracts and semiochemicals. Microorganisms (including viruses) have specific data requirements.


In September, Ctgb organizes workshops for applicants in which we further explain the Evaluation Manual for biopesticides. Due to the great interest there is an additional workshop on 12 October.