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7 Efficacy EU part v1.0

Content Chapter 7 Efficacy General introduction Disinfection Preservatives In can preservatives Wood preservatives Masonry ...

Assessment framework Biocides | 30-09-2016

8. Appendices Dutch extrapolation document in English EM v2.1

Assessment framework Biocides | 30-09-2016

6 Ecotoxicology EU part v1.0

Content Chapter 6 Ecotoxicology EU part v1.0 Aquatic organisms Aquatic organisms Sediment dwelling organisms Bioconcentration ...

Assessment framework Biocides | 30-09-2016

3 Analytical methods NL part v1.0

Assessment framework Biocides | 30-09-2016

Evaluation manual biocides EU part v1.0

Older versions of the Evaluation manual For Biocidal Product applications submitted before October 2016, see the evaluation ...

Assessment framework Biocides | 30-09-2016

Elaboration of criteria for 'practical or economic disadvantages' and 'consequences for minor uses' as part of the agronomic comparison

In Regulation 1107/2009, comparative assessment (CA) is described in Article 5, which states that a product which is a Candidate ...

Decree | 25-05-2016

Application Comparative Assessment

Applicant information to support the process of comparative assessment. To reduce risks products containing substances that are ...

Application form PPP | 08-04-2016

Tariffs decree 2016

Decree | 22-12-2015

Handling of changes to the classification and labelling of authorised biocidal products

Assessment framework Biocides | 01-11-2015

Attractiveness of agricultural crops to honeybees for the collection of nectar and/or pollen

Attractiveness of agricultural crops to honeybees for the collection of nectar and/or pollen. List in Dutch and English.

Decision document board | 15-08-2015