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  1. Evaluation Manual version 2022-3

    October 2022 - January 2023 Product authorisation under the BPR The Ctgb regularly publishes Evaluation Manuals, which are ...

    Assessment framework Biocides | 01-10-2022

  2. 7. Ecotox Aquatic ecotoxicology EU part em2.5

    Assessment framework PPP | 01-10-2022

  3. Request for confidentiality of data

    Application form PPP | 23-08-2022

  4. Form Data Matching

    Application for data matching of an active substance approved in plant protection products, for which The Netherlands is the ...

    Application form PPP | 22-08-2022

  5. Non-professional spray applications of plant protection products, a new approach to the higher tier assessment (ecotoxicology)

    Authorisations for non-professional use of plant protection products are regularly applied for. This involves a wide range of ...

    Instruction PPP | 19-07-2022

  6. Declaration of Interest and CV Poulis

    Publication | 06-07-2022

  7. Declaration of Interest N. van der Meer

    Publication | 06-07-2022

  8. 6. Environmental Fate & Behaviour

    Assessment framework PPP | 06-07-2022

  9. Evaluation Manual v. 2022-3

    Evaluation Manual version 2022-3 is published in July 2022. The Evaluation Manual is a technical instructions and gives ...

    Assessment framework PPP | 06-07-2022

  10. 6. Fate behaviour in soil: Leaching EU part EM2.6

    Assessment framework PPP | 06-07-2022