With immediate effect, the Ctgb will be using data from version 3.3.2 of the Groundwater Atlas

In February of this year, a new version of the Groundwater Atlas was published by Wageningen Environmental Research on the website Pesticidemodels.eu. The new version is supplemented with recent monitoring data from the drinking water providers, and includes all available data from the provincial authorities for 1994 to 2019. In addition, data quality labels were completed, and an accompanying report has been published with a suggested course of action for using the Groundwater Atlas in the authorisation procedure. The new version allows monitoring data to be used in the authorisation assessment. The Ctgb is working on the implementation of the new version and its associated methodology. Information on how applicants should use the new version when preparing new application dossiers for authorisation of a plant protection product will be explained via our website and newsletter. In the meantime, applicants can use version 3.2.2 of the Groundwater Atlas. However, the Ctgb will use the data in the new version of the Groundwater Atlas as part of the risk assessment of pending and new applications with immediate effect, so that all available monitoring data for groundwater are included. In case  the assessment of the new data indicates that additional information is needed to reach a conclusion, the applicant will be given the opportunity to provide this information.