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  1. Immediate Notification by Authorisation Holder

    Form for immediate reporting information about potentially harmful or unacceptable effects indicating that the active substance ...

    Application form Biocides | 24-01-2019

  2. Evaluation Manual versin 2019-1

    January - February 2019 Product authorisation under the BPR The Ctgb regularly publishes Evaluation Manuals, which are technical ...

    Assessment framework Biocides | 01-01-2019

  3. Transitional legislation framework

    Product authorisation under transitional legislation The BPR 528/2012 provides a number of transitional measures that allow a ...

    Assessment framework Biocides | 21-12-2018

  4. National framework Evaluation Manual Biocidal Products

    In addition to the European evaluation framework there is a National framework. Requirements related to national specific ...

    Assessment framework Biocides | 21-12-2018

  5. European framework

    Index: Introduction EU framework Physical-Chemical-Properties Efficacy Human Health Environment In addition to the European ...

    Assessment framework Biocides | 21-12-2018

  6. Form Request for information about studies on vertebrates

    Application form to request information on testing vertebrates with a biocide or an active substance to prevent unnecessary ...

    Application form Biocides | 01-11-2018

  7. Form Export certificate biocides

    Application form for an export certificate for the export of an authorised biocide.

    Application form Biocides | 01-11-2018

  8. Assignment of products used for general disinfection in veterinary practices or hospitals to product type 2 or 3 under the BPR

    In order to harmonise practices between Member States, the following decision on assignment of products used for general ...

    Assessment framework Biocides | 01-11-2018

  9. Evaluation Manual v2.1/2.2/2.3/w

    November 2018 - now Product authorisation under the BPR The Ctgb regularly publishes Evaluation Manuals, which are technical work ...

    Assessment framework Biocides | 25-10-2018

  10. Substances of Concerns

    The Ctgb has maintained two list of identified SoCs from processed applications since June 2013. These are publicly available ...

    Assessment framework Biocides | 10-10-2018