Registration process

Your application must be submitted through ECHA’s information system R4BP3 and refer to a product dossier in IUCLID.

The procedure for simplified authorisations is further described on ECHA’s website.

After simplified authorisation of a biocidal product in one MS, the biocidal product can be placed on the market in other member states after notification. The notification must be made no later than 30 days before placing the BP on the market in the territory of the member state.


Simplifiedprocedure BPR EM

Simplifiedprocedure BPR Evaluation Manual

  • Submission to ECHA Within 30 days payment of fee to eCA
  • Within 90 days after receipt of acceptance, eCA grants simplified authorisation (max 90 days stop-the-clock in case additional data are needed, after receipt of additional data, within 90 days eCA grants authorisation)
  • Placing on the market in additional member stase: notification no later than 30 days before placing on the market