The legal basis

Simplified authorisations find  find their legal basis in Chapter V of the BPR (EU) 528/2012.

Application type criteria

To apply for the SA procedure, the BP must be eligible according to Article 25 of the Biocidal Products Regulation ((EU) No 528/2012 (BPR)):

  • all the active substances contained in the BP appear in Annex I to the BPR and comply with the specified restrictions;
  • the BP does not contain any substance of concern;
  • the BP does not contain any nanomaterials;
  • the BP is sufficiently effective;
  • the handling of the BP and its intended use do not require personal protective equipment.

More details are described in ECHA’s Practical guide on BPR – Simplified authorisation and  in Q&A on simplified authorisation.

 Information requirements

Article 20(1)(b) of the BPR lists the requirements for an application foran SA of a BP. More information can be found in ECHA’s Biocides Submission Manual – Application instructions: Simplified authorisations.