Request for information on animal testing

Before an animal test can be commissioned, it must first be determined if such a test has previously been conducted.

Legal basis

The Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) 528/2012 (BPR), article 62.

The process

Via R4BP you can make a written request to ECHA to determine, whether tests or studies with vertebrates have already been conducted in connection with an application previously submitted to the Agency or another competent authority.
For the processing of your request, a fee will be charged.

The handling period is 8 weeks (but no rights can be derived from this handling period).

Consequences when the Ctgb is not been asked for information about animal testing

Unless the applicant can clearly demonstrate that animal testing will not be unnecessarily repeated, an application will not be taken into consideration if the dossier contains animal testing data and no information about previous testing has been acquired beforehand. Or: the Ctgb, after receiving a request to do so, has provided information about comparable animal testing data and the applicant cannot justify the need for new animal testing data. The form Request for information on animal (vertebrate) testing only concerning test on vertebrates. The applicant should have the intention to submit an application for authorisation, re-registration or change of authorisation.