Product types

ECHA classified biocidal products into 22 biocidal product types, grouped in four main areas:

  1. Disinfectants: PT01 - PT05
    Due to the development of resistance, and potential cross resistance, to antibiotics, the Ctgb can include a hazard phrase on resistance, specifically for biocidal products in product types (PTs) 1 through 5 with quaternary ammonium compounds or chlorhexidine as active substance. Currently, this hazard phrase can only be added to the WG/GA of products authorized under Dutch Transitional Law.
  2. Preservatives: PT06 - PT13
  3. Pest control: PT14 -  PT20
  4. Other biocidal products: PT21 - PT22

The product type classification is a tool to facilitate the assessment of active substances and biocidal products.

In case of doubt about the product type of a biocidal product, the European Commission decides. These so-called Article 3 (3) decisions are published on the ECHA website.