New hazard phrase for resistance

Due to the development of resistance, and potential cross resistance, to antibiotics, the Ctgb can included a new hazard phrase on resistance, specifically for biocidal products in product types (PTs) 1 through 5 with quaternary ammonium compounds or chlorhexidine as active substance.

The new phrase: “This product contains the active substance ( of active substance...). Due to possible development resistance and cross resistance to antibiotics, it is recommended that resistance management be applied when using this product ".

The Ctgb is applying a new hazard phrase for disinfectants (PT1-5) and is applying a ‘no, unless’ policy to other product types, for example for preservatives. This is because resistance management can be required for the above-mentioned substances in product types other than PT 1-5.

For biocidal products containing several active substances, every time one of the substances is renewed will be assessed whether a resistance phrase must be included.