Board and Board Secretariat

As an independent authority (ZBO in Dutch), the Ctgb is responsible for implementing the Plant Protection Products and Biocidal Products Act (Wgb). The activities of the Ctgb are overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (plant protection products) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (biocidal products). Furthermore, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment are involved with topics related to their policy areas.

Ctgb consists of the Board and a Board Secretariat; see organisational chart.

The Board members are appointed based on their expertise, and they perform their duties without interference or consultation. See the rules of procedure for the Board on the authorisation of plant protection products and biocides. The most important duties of the Board are the following:

  • Making decisions on the authorisation of plant protection products and biocidal products;
  • Providing solicited and unsolicited advice to the Ministers concerned;
  • Approval of the operating plan and budget;
  • Approval of the annual report and the annual accounts.

The Board is supported by the Board Secretariat, which makes preparations – both scientific and administrative – for the decisions. The Board and Board Secretariat act externally as a single unit. The Executive Secretary of the Board is also Director of the Secretariat. The "Decree mandate, power of attorney, authorisation and representation Ctgb 2018" (in Dutch) arranges the delegation of mandates, powers of attorney, authorisations and powers of representation by the Director to the staff of the Secretariat.


The Ctgb ensures integrity by means of a code of conduct for employees, for members and alternate members of the Board and for committee members. Furthermore, the Ctgb uses an individual notification statement to prevent conflicts of interest and a confidentiality agreement for third parties.
The Framework Act Semi-autonomous Agencies provides that ancillary positions of Board members and alternate Board members shall be made public. For the Board members, this primarily concerns their regular position. In addition, other executive positions are included. For the sake of completeness, the ancillary position held by of the Director-Secretary has also been made public.

Meeting dates of the Board

25 January
22 February
22 March
26 April
24 May
28 June
26 July
23 August
27 September
25 October
22 November
20 December