Pesticides Exemption Scheme (RUB)

Since in the Netherlands the Pesticides Act of 1962 went into force, an exception has been made to allow products on the market that are assumed to be less hazardous (plant protection products and biocidal products) without regular authorisation based on the Pesticides Exemption Scheme (Regeling Uitzondering Bestrijdingsmiddelen, RUB). Substances, products and uses on this RUB list have undergone only a limited risk assessment or none at all.

After the entry into force of the Plant Protection Regulation in 2011 and the Biocidal Products Regulation in 2013, the RUB has no longer complied with European legislation. Indeed, to place plant protection products and biocidal products on the market, a risk assessment must be performed in accordance with EU directives and regulations. However, at the EU level there is the option of requesting approval for less hazardous substances, i.e. the so-called basic substances and the low-risk substances.

As of 15 February 2018, the RUB list will be withdrawn. The Minister for Agriculture has informed the lower house of Parliament about this decision by letter and has requested the Ctgb to formally withdraw the list of RUB substances and products.