Ctgb Annual Report 2022, taking steps towards sustainability

We published our Annual Report for 2022 and a corresponding infographic (in Dutch). The Report describes how the Ctgb took several initiatives in 2022 not only to facilitate more sustainable agriculture, but also to reduce the environmental impact of biocidal products.

Regarding the latter, rodenticide use was restricted to professional pest controllers and certified agriculturalists. To minimise the use of these chemical products as much as possible, these users must be trained in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Regarding sustainable agriculture, the Ctgb simplified the process of extending the authorisations of low-risk products to include minor uses. From now on, this can be done administratively as much as possible because no unacceptable effects on humans, animals and the environment are expected from such extended authorisations. Of the 29 new active substances evaluated last year by the Ctgb for the EU, about 70% are "green". These active substances consist mainly of micro-organisms, such as bacteria, and plant extracts. To learn how Europe can structure the assessment framework to achieve sustainability gains from innovative technologies, at the end of the year the Ctgb held a workshop with various experts.

Careful authorisation policy

In 2022 the Board made 123 decisions on applications for plant protection products and 98 for biocidal products. Most of these applications included multiple uses for a product. The Board entirely rejected one application for a plant protection product and five applications for biocidal products. Of the requested uses in the other applications, 11% for plant protection products and about 5% for biocidal products were rejected by the Board or withdrawn by applicants due to risks identified by the Ctgb. In addition, the instructions for use in many authorisations have been made more restrictive prior to the decision; this involved 64% of the plant protection products and 78% of the biocidal products.

Independent evaluation underscores quality

The five-yearly evaluation required by the minister for the Ctgb as an autonomous administrative authority (ZBO) concluded that it is a professional, effective organisation that provides high quality service. In the stakeholder survey in late 2022, respondents indicated that they were positive about the Ctgb's expertise, quality, reliability and integrity. Board Chairman Rob van Lint: "It is mainly due to the efforts of our 160 committed employees that we have been able to achieve these wonderful results!"