What does professional or non-professional use mean for the authorisation of a biocide or plant protection product?

In Article 71 (see below) the Plant Protection Products and Biocidal Products Act states that products authorised for professional use can only be used by operators with a certificate of professional competence or by individuals who are legally exempt from professional competence requirements for specific uses. Of course, these products must be used in accordance with the legal conditions for use/instructions. An administration, licensing and identification obligation applies to the buyer/user and a licensing, monitoring and administration obligation applies to the supplier.
Products that are authorised for non-professional use do not have an administrative obligation and no certificate of professional competence for the operator is required. Of course, these products can only be used in accordance with the legal conditions for use/instructions. If these products may only be used under certain conditions (such a prohibition for use outside the private sphere, for locations accessible to the public, at the workplace or on land intended for business operations), then this is reported on the label.

In the authorisation decision, the Ctgb determines whether the product is authorised for professional or non-professional use.

Plant protection products and biocidal products Act (Wgb)

Article 71. Training and proof of professional competence:

  • Clause 1. Without valid proof professional competence, it is prohibited to receive, use or possess a plant protection product that is authorised for professional use, subject to exemptions provided by ministerial regulation in certain cases.
  • Clause 4. The first, second and third clauses apply accordingly to biocidal products authorised for professional use in the cases specified in or pursuant to governmental decree.