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Application Form Transitional legislation PPP

Use this application form for re-registration of a plant protection product under transitional legislation.

Application form PPP | 01-11-2018

Form Adjuvant Authorisation

Form for application for: authorisation for an adjuvants changing the authorisation of an adjuvants

Application form PPP | 01-11-2018

Request for information on testing vertebrates

Application form to request information on testing vertebrates with plant protection product or an active substance to prevent ...

Application form PPP | 01-11-2018

Form WERG mutual recognition

Application form for mutual recognition.

Application form PPP | 01-11-2018

Form National extension PPP with minor uses

Application form PPP | 01-11-2018

Form Trial Permit

Application form for a trial permit.

Application form PPP | 01-11-2018

Form WERGV: prolongation mutual recognition

For an administrative prolongation of a mutual recognition of a authorisation for plant protection products (or products based on ...

Application form PPP | 01-11-2018

Template to notify intended zonal applications

Template to notify intended zonal applications under Article 33 and Article 43 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009

Application form PPP | 26-09-2018

Letter of access (LoA)

A Letter of Access (LoA) is an original document by which the owner of data protected under this Regulation agrees to the use of ...

Application form PPP | 07-03-2017

Notification form Time of harvest (in Dutch)

Mandatory to the application of permit for trial purposes is the notification of time of harvest. The holder of the trails with ...

Application form PPP | 28-02-2017