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Form WI; minor amendments and withdrawals

Application for an amendment or withdrawal of an authorisation for plant protection products.

Application form PPP | 28-01-2019

Annual Notification by Authorisation Holder

Form for the annual notification on expected continuation of efficacy, development of resistance and any unexpected effect on ...

Application form PPP | 24-01-2019

Immediate Notification by Authorisation Holder

Form for immediate reporting information about potentially harmful or unacceptable effects indicating that the active substance ...

Application form PPP | 24-01-2019

Application Form Derived trade permit

The application form Derived trade permit is valid for: new derived trade permits; renewals of derived trade permits; ...

Application form PPP | 19-12-2018

Form Export certificate Plant Protection Products

Application form for an export certificate for the export of an authorised or registered plant protection product or biocide.

Application form PPP | 01-11-2018

Parallel trade permit PPP

Parallel trade permit Plant Protection Products.

Application form PPP | 01-11-2018

Application Form MRL

Application for an European maximal residue limit  (MRL); application form SANCO 4044/2008 Rev. 10.2 of 16 June 2016.

Application form PPP | 01-11-2018

Application Form Transitional legislation PPP

Use this application form for re-registration of a plant protection product under transitional legislation.

Application form PPP | 01-11-2018

Form Adjuvant Authorisation

Adjuvants are substances or preparations to be mixed with a plant protection product by the user. They enhance the effectiveness ...

Application form PPP | 01-11-2018

Request for information on animal (vertebrates) testing

Request for information on animal (vertebrates) testing.

Application form PPP | 01-11-2018

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