Registration process

For this kind of minor applications a notification before submission, which is obligated for a number of applications, is not necessary, and also the intake process isn’t a part of the process.

Below you find a flow cart of the procedure.

Enlarge image Timeline Parallel permit
Timeline Parallel permit

Below the most important forms with the handling period and other important information are presented:

  Form Handling period
Authorisation Form PAG 45 + 10 days
Prolongation Form PAG, choose VPAG 45 + 10 days1
Expanding field of use Form PAG, choose UPAG 45 + 10 days2
Restriction of the field of use Form WI, choose NLWATG 12 weeks
Change label Form WI, choose NLWYG 12 weeks
Notification import plant protection product (parallel import) Notification import plant protection product (parallel import) Not applicable; this is only a notification

1 For more information about prolongation parallel trade permit see also  'Product renewals (NL=zRMS and NL=CMS / Instructions for submission), under: Renewal of derived authorisations and parallel trade permits.

2  An application for extension of uses of a parallel trade permit can be submitted after we have sent the extension decision of the reference product, not earlier.


After finishing the application we send you the decision by regular mail. Do you not agree with the decision we have made? See Objection and Appeal.