Wageningen Drift Calculator implementation and applications under older assessment framework

From January 1st 2022 it is mandatory to calculate the drift numbers used for applications for plant protection products using the Wageningen Drift Calculator (WDC). However, in some cases an older assessment framework, valid before 01-01-2022, is still applicable.

For these assessments a report is available containing drift numbers valid under this -older- assessment framework.  (* see here for references to the respective chapters of the Evaluation Manuals.)

Impact on spray drift exposure

The implementation of the WDC also affects the approach for the risk assessment of drift related environmental aspects in national assessment. This approach will no longer cover the risks at national level. Therefore, College decided that this approach expires for applications submitted from 01-04-2022 onwards.

*Applications made under assessment framework before 01-01-2022

For applications made under an assessment framework valid before 01-01-2022 and for which in the Evaluation Manual Chapter 6 Fate and behaviour in the environment; behaviour in surface water and sediment v. 2.5. and/or Chapter 7 Ecotoxicology: terrestrial; non target arthropods and plants, v. 2.4 a ‘specific spray drift research‘ is needed there now is a report available containing these specific drift numbers. These numbers replace the need for specific spray drift research report.